Introduction to The Multi-Source Data Analytics and Triangulation Platform

Initially, Nigeria was faced with no comprehensive integrated platform, poor access, and insufficient data to address decision making in the health sector. Consequently, the Federal Ministry of Health birthed the idea to have a central analytic repository of health data in Nigeria, hence the development of the MultiSource Data Analytics and Triangulation (MSDAT) platform. The platform provides a single transparent view of health data in the country from different sources (routine, surveys, and global estimates) using intuitive and several interactive visualizations.

Moreover, MSDAT is instrumental in monitoring SDG related indicators and the development of profiles based on available datasets at national and state levels. To assist new users, an interactive tour guide provides a drop bar to select health indicators, desired location, data source, preferred related indicator, preferred chart type, and a download icon.

Currently, 16 data sources in the program areas of Immunization, Mortality, Nutrition, HIV, Malaria, RMNCH provides 32 indicators to all users. Further plans to develop a mobile application, input natural language search and improve analytics are presently being implemented to upgrade the dashboard.

Do you have any questions regarding the operations of the dashboard? Are there any key indicators that should be updated on the platform and why?

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