How to Nurture Your Mental Health During the COVID-19 Pandemic

As the world continues to navigate through the COVID-19 pandemic, adjusting to all the changes that come with this can be overwhelming and eventually take a toll on mental health.

Here are some suggestions from the WHO on how you can nurture your mental health during these unprecedented times:


  • Have a routine: Try to make a daily routine that works with being indoors and try as much as possible to keep to it. Incorporate healthy meals, exercise, rest and also make time for the things you enjoy.
  • Maintain social contact: It is important to reach out to your friends and loved ones through phone calls and online channels and avoid isolating yourself.
  • Minimise News Feeds: Seek information or updates about the pandemic at specific times of the day to prevent information overload and reduce anxiety.
  • Limit alcohol and drug use: Avoid using drugs and alcohol as a coping mechanism for stress or to deal with boredom. Substance use may also tamper with your judgement and ability to keep safe.
  • Support health workers: Find ways to honour and thank healthcare workers and all those working to respond to COVID-19 for their dedication and sacrifice to fight this pandemic.

What steps are you taking to cater to your mental health during this pandemic? Share your tips with us in the comment section below.

Also remember to stay safe and reach out to a trusted mental health professional for advice or help in dealing with mental health conditions.


Very useful tips! Personally I find going for a run/walk (with social distancing in mind) after a day spent indoors working from home helps with clearing my head.


Hi @DMaseli03!! Welcome to APHEN and thanks for your first post!

Solid points. Thanks @nana.gaje.

Avoiding isolation is so crucial really; ‘cos apart from nurturing your mental health, you could be saving someone else’s life as well. Thanks for this.


Hey @DMaseli03! This has worked for me too over the past couple of weeks. Plus it’s a great way to incorporate some physical activity into my routine. Thank you for sharing!


As a developer, I spend a lot of time indoors crouched on the same chair. Any tips or advice for back aches pls?


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For the back aches, you could try lying on the floor on your back for an hour or so. This should help rest your back by keep your spine in a neutral position, eliminating pressure from your head, neck and spine. You could also look up stretches/exercises for back pain.
If this pain is chronic though, consider seeing a doctor.

Remember to maintain good posture while sitting on your chair to prevent further aches, and exercise regularly!


Thanks for this!


thank you @Doosuur @nana.gaje for the helpful tips. will definately be trying them out


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Very useful tips I appreciate. I ensure i observe all precautionary measures.


Awesome piece. Thank you @nana.gaje for sharing


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